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Andrea Vincent, Ph.D.

Director, Cognitive Science Research Center

Associate Research Professor, College of Arts & Sciences

Fellow, Center for Intelligence and National Security

Dr. Vincent's work is focused on the development, enhancement, and application of computer-based technology for assessing neurocognitive performance, the identification of risk factors that degrade, enhance or extend cognitive performance capabilities, and the measurement of individual differences in cognitive performance. She holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology and has over 13 years of experience in psychometric theory, experimental design and advanced statistical analysis.

E-mail: avincent@ou.edu
Office Phone: 405.325.7467

Affiliated Faculty:

Eugenia Fuenzalida, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Cognitive Science Research Center

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Fellow, Center for Intelligence and National Security

Dr. Fuenzalida's research focus is interdisciplinary as it combines the study of both personality and human factors. She primarily studies traits with biological and perceptual bases (e.g., extraversion, anxiety, and neuroticism) and is particularly interested in research employing human performance and/or psycho-physiological measures. Of particular interest is the optimization of performance in safety-sensitive occupations. She has also worked in the design and implementation of training protocols to both enhance and optimize performance in high-risk occupations. Additionally, collaborative efforts have systematically examined risk factors (e.g., sleep deprivation and sub-intoxication) that impair human performance.

E-mail: fuenzalida@ou.edu
Office Phone: 405.325.7720

Research Affiliate:

Tresa Roebuck-Spencer, Ph.D., ABPP
Dr. Roebuck-Spencer is a board certified neuropsychologist who works as a research investigator and clinical consultant. Her research interests focus on traumatic brain injury, telemedicine, and computerized neuropsychological assessment. She also works as a clinician in the community and is on adjunct faculty at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center through the Department of Psychiatry. She worked as a clinician and researcher at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington DC prior to coming to CSRC.

E-mail: tresa@ou.edu

Graduate Students:

Madison Beneda-Bender
Madison Beneda-Bender joined the Cognitive Science Research Center as a doctoral student in the Fall of 2016, after graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma. Madison is interested in understanding the biological and psychosocial mechanisms related to resiliency, fear management, and performance in safety sensitive occupations. Her research interests focus on the relationship between stress and human performance. She is particularly interested in understanding the factors contributing to the optimization of performance in law enforcement.

Area of Specialization: Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology
Minors: Personality and Quantitative
Advisers: Drs. Fuenzalida & Vincent
Lab Phone: 405-325-3197
E-mail: madsbens@ou.edu
Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters joined the Cognitive Science Research Center as a doctoral student in the Fall of 2015, after graduating with an M.A. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma. Her research interests include the study of biologically-based personality traits and their effects on human performance and adaptation. Elizabeth’s research examines the dynamics of emotion and cognition and their impact on adjustment. She is especially interested in the roles of personality and coping in resiliency.

Area of Specialization: Personality
Minor: Social
Adviser: Dr. Fuenzalida
Lab Phone: 405-325-3197
E-mail: elizabeth.a.peters-1@ou.edu
Brandon Stone
Brandon Stone joined the Cognitive Science Research Center in the Fall of 2016. He is a doctoral student in the Health and Exercise Sciences (HES) Department pursuing a degree in Exercise Physiology. Prior to OU, Brandon was a human performance coach for US Army Special Operations, Division I Football, Baseball and Olympic Sports programs. He also worked as a volunteer for NHL (hockey) and NLL (lacrosse) organizations and coached baseball at the collegiate and high school levels. He is interested in the integration of physiological and psychological factors and how they impact human performance.

Department: Health and Exercise Sciences
Major Area: Exercise Physiology
Adviser: Dr. Mikhail Kellawan
Lab Phone: 405-325-7467
E-mail: brandon.l.stone@ou.edu